How I survived terminal cancer – using naturopathy

Hello! I am Marcus and my hope is that my experience will encourage and ennoble you to find the path to healing that may lie outside allopathic medicine [symptom suppressive]  or in creative integrative alliances. There are now many ways to beat the beast of cancer, some having existed for millenia.  Although labelled ‘alternative’ by today’s press, many of the ‘ancient paths’ rely on proven protocols from cultures which reach back into the mists of time and are non-toxic and non-invasive.

This video on the home page describes my Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer story from “conventional” oncology to naturopathy.  It was filmed at The Truth About Cancer International Conference in Orlando, Florida in late 2017.

I am not only a survivor but a cancer conqueror and am delighted to share my story with you today! Powerful, outside the box thinking. Enjoy.