Radical Remission Healing Story

1st Healing Story of the Month: June 2018

In 2015, Marcus was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma. Marcus started with chemo, but then decided to opt out and use only naturopathic treatments. Today, he has no evidence of disease. This is his story in his own words:

“I was taken to the hospital by neighbors – I was too weak to do anything by this point. I had lost 50 lbs in 6 weeks, and I was sweating through my bed linens multiple times a night. I couldn’t eat.

I arrived at the hospital and was immediately informed that I had Stage IV lymphoma. I foolishly responded that I didn’t have cancer.  Rather, I sold cancer policies. (My mind was not all there at that point…but I WAS the #1 sales agent in America for our company selling cancer supplemental policies!) They disabused me of that notion. Immediately, I began the typical surgery, chemo, and drugs routine. The side effects were torturous on my body from head to toe. I was also hooked on morphine for the pain. Even the diagnostic tools that are used by conventional medicine I found to be outmoded, dangerous, and actually cancer-causing. Nine months later, I got the call that we all don’t want to get. “We didn’t get it all,” they said. More treatment?! I needed another route.

In a huge library, one whole section was called, “Alternative Health.” That in itself is a false framing of the argument, since natural cures have been here for 1000’s of years.  The American Medical Association is only about 150 years old. So, in my opinion, they are the true alternative. By now, my family had to move my bed to the library, since I now could no longer even climb stairs.  Me! – a gymnast/cheerleader/marching band president/physical education leader?!

If I could even get my head off the pillow, which was rare, I studied. One of the many books that ‘fell off the shelf’ was, “What in the Cell is Going On?,” by a nutritional biochemist. I loved it. I knew in my spirit the author was correct. I looked him up and went to Florida to find him. He was brilliant!  After using state-of-the-art equipment 40 years ahead of conventional medicine tools, he gave me a new protocol. I returned to Tennessee and followed it perfectly.  Six months later, when I returned to my oncologist, he found NO cancer!  Importantly, no one in the oncology department asked me what I had done.  I was stunned!  That was a lightbulb moment (or firework moment!).  The conventional folks weren’t curious.  AHA!  Cancer is a business, not a disease.  Buyer beware!

Regarding what might have caused my cancer…Although epidemiology of cancer is not oncology’s strong suit, I discovered that our cell phones [along with many other things] are irradiating us profusely. My cancer tumor appeared directly under my cell phone position on my hip…lymphoma on the spleen. Of course, our food sources have also been horrifically modified. All disease is cellular malfunction of one of these types: Compounding toxicities and/or compounding insufficiencies. It’s easy. We need to reverse our bodies’ courses of self-destruction. The wonderful, amazing bodies we all have are self-healing, and will work for us if we ‘feed’ this mechanical wonder the right things!”