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Mr. Ellis is a businessman of varying pursuits with a career spanning the country.  He has a strong profile as a medical researcher, national cancer coach, former gourmet caterer and now a nutritional coach, former public and private school teacher, nationally ranked salesman and deliverer of professional development to school systems, a former real estate broker, former insurance agent and an armed security officer.  Multiple successful careers have made him a remarkably well-rounded man. He is a financial and health resources advocate at this time.

Ellis built a major catering, food service and event planning facility in Texas called Ellis Castle as well as a large 200 acre retreat center in Tennessee. A classically trained musician, he still deeply resonates with his rich musical background although doesn’t have significant time to allocate to this since he continues to be an articulate advocate of natural health matters.  Unwavering in his commitment to obtain financing for victims of disease, Mr. Ellis makes appearances sharing his personal, terrifying medical experiences as a ‘terminal’ cancer conqueror with groups of all sizes.  He was given 6 months to live…. over 6 YEARS ago.   Now, he recognizes many of the diabolic inversions of truth regarding the current healthcare system and addresses it daily with colleagues and clients.  Everyone is welcome here!


“Ho, everyone who is thirsty in spirit, 
Ho, everyone who is weary and sad…
Come to the fountain there’s fullness in YHWH,
All you are longing for, come and be glad.”

This site is a work in progress, meant to bring clarity to issues of health, energetic healing, insurance, symphonic sounds and amazing technologies that are being used to provide powerful, substantive life changes.

Enjoy the Journey with ME~